Reunion Island is an incredible island made up of a multitude of landscapes, climates, religions, skin colors, in perfect harmony. Us, Luciano, a native of Reunion, and Christian installed for more than 30 years, we wish to share this heritage with our visitors. Coming to Reunion and seeing only the beaches means missing out on meeting this island and its people. Each path takes you to an exceptional site, each Reunionese has his story where diversity, respect for others and the pleasure of giving pleasure are a way of life. Reunion can only please you and we will be happy to make you discover our island off the beaten track.
You are 30 minutes from the city center of Saint-Denis, 15 minutes from Roland-Garros airport, close to hiking trails, waterfalls and ponds, one hour from the Fournaise volcano massif, 30 minutes from the cirque de Salazie